The Perfect Crime: A Cyber Cime Memoir

We’ve developed a six man team: Rico, Sam, Jas, Dalton, B, and myself (Sid). I like to think of myself as the mastermind behind it all. Taking a group of not so ordinary people with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I’d devised a plan to become the highest paid geeks in the streets.  We met on a web chat about investments, chatting about stuff that normal investors do. It took about 5 months for us to decide to meet. It started off with a sense of nervousness and small talk, then elevated to group hang-outs and single dates. Over the years we’d become good friends or more like great associates for some. We’d developed a sense of family among ourselves, and then conversations began. Everyone had their input and reasons, that was all the motivation the gang needed… The plan was simple. We’d steal bank account information straight from the bank systems, but turn that information into credit cards. The cards would bare a Green Dot emblem. Sam and Rico would open up business and personal checking accounts, learning the in’s and out’s of the nations biggest banks. We wanted the big bucks! Dalton and B would get the plastic and crafting materials. Jas and I gathered the clientele. The largest set of customers were coming from Russia, Ukraine, and Dubai. Jas had travel connections like no other, so business would soon be under way in Canada too. Everything went as planned, accounts were opened and funds where spilling in. Every time the cards were used, the individuals account accumulated ‘interest’. At least that was what people and the banks’ computers would think. Finally, on a quarterly basis the actual funds from each account would completely diminish, leaving the banks to cover the losses. And everything happened from the comfort of my prepaid phone from the local phone connect.


Mystery Prize Food


So yesterday I go to Hardee’s for a quick sandwich as I head to my nephews football practice. I wait 10 mins for this supposedly delicious chicken sandwich. So I get my food, drive straight to the practice field, get settled on the bleachers and commence to eating my sandwich. While as I’m eating this sandwich I bite into something hard. To my complete surprise and disgust, i pull out a large green paper clip. Now i’m mortified and ready to regurgitate everything I’ve consumed that day. Now angered because I have to return this establishment and calmly show and explain to the manager my mystery prize in my meal, the manager is in awe. She politely takes the remainder of my sandwich and assures me that the problem will be addressed immediately. She quickly refunds my money and in the same breath tells me that she will give me a new sandwich for free. In disbelief, I decline and refuse any more products from this restaurant. Needless to say, I will not be returning to any Hardee’s again.



This is my first time blogging about anything. I’ve created this blog page to showcase the things I’ve learned in the world of criminal justice and forensic science. It was created a cyber and computer crime course to show the world has things relate to each other, with a twist.

A glimpse of forensics

5 podcast relating to forensics and the computer world. Listen to the latest advancements, the history of forensics, and much more…